Real-time data — Electricity flows in the British system

The graph shows real-time (well, a few minutes delayed!) electricity flows in the Great British (GB) electricity system. The graph updates every minute. Please refresh your browser after a minute for the changes to appear.

The electricity flow on NEMO (the HVDC link to Belgium) is not shown on the graph because National Grid is not reporting it on their page. I will update when the data is made available.

Following electricity flows are displayed on the geographical map:

  • Scotland and England
  • North of England and South of England
  • Total electricity demand in GB
  • Frequency of the GB system
  • Interconnection:
    • Northern Ireland and GB (Moyle)
    • Republic of Ireland and GB (East-West)
    • France and GB (IFA)
    • Netherlands and GB (BritNed)

One thought on “Real-time data — Electricity flows in the British system”

  1. Very nice visualisation, the sort of well presented info we need more of on the GB electricity system.


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