Optimization and Analysis Toolbox for power Systems (OATS) is a high-level modelling and simulation tool for power system analysis. OATS is a collection of optimization models and Python scripts for analysis and solution of a range of power system analysis problems. 
OATS is specifically designed to be a portable and fully accessible simulation software. All ingredients of OATS are open source. This flexibility means that OATS is a useful tool for power system community in academia and industry. The following figure presents the architecture of OATS.
Architecture of OATS
The first release of OATS includes implementation of some standard steady state power system optimization problems. It also includes data of some real world test cases. A Python script is available that can convert test case from Matpower into equivalent test cases of OATS.


OATS source is hosted on the following GitHub project page:

OATS can be downloaded from its GitHub page. Any issues with OATS, patches and contributions should be submitted using its GitHub project page. 
Installation and use of OATS requires some basic knowledge of Python language. Detailed information about installation and running models is provided in the user manual.

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